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How to create a bootable NT CD 29th November 2022  4:11am


This articles explains how to make a bootable installation CD.

The NT4/W2K CDs are bootable. However, you may want to modify the CD for some reason, such as slipstream a service pack onto it or add additional utilities to the CD. How do you make the CD bootable again? This article will reveal all. This article assumes you are familar with Nero and CDRWin burning software.

Get the cd bootsector files.

  • Start CDRWin (demo).
  • Place bootable NT4 or W2K CD in CD-ROM drive.
  • Select "Extract disk/sectors".
  • Select "Select Sectors" option at the top of the screen.
  • Enter image filename (eg C:\w2kcdboot.bin)
  • Under "Sector Selection" set "Start" to 20, "End" to 20, and "Datatype" to Data Mode1(2048).
  • Without adjusting any other settings, click Start.

Burn the CD!

  • Using Nero (demo) select "CD-ROM (Boot)".
  • Under "Source of boot image data" select "Image File" then enter the name of the cd bootsector file created earlier. Tick "Enable expert settings" and select "No Emulation" for Kind of Emulation. Change boot message to "Microsoft Corporation", change Load Segment of Sectors to 07C0, and change Number of loaded sectors to 4. Click the Label tab, and change the Volume label to the label of the original CD (these labels vary, even for same versions of the OS!), and all others fields to blank. Click New.
  • Now select the files and folders to burn. The installation folder (eg i386) must be off the root (like the original bootable CD). Also, in the root you require the CD identifier files (which start CDROM*.*) for the original NT4/W2K CD, and for any service packs. These identifiers can be found in the root of the NT4/W2K CDs, and the service pack ones are found on the service pack CDs, or in the extracted service pack.
  • Burn it!

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